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Ageless Beauty

Published by Ryland, Peters & Small (out August 2006)
ISBN 1845972678 Buy

Anti-ageing mind games

Change your beliefs

Is what you’re saying to yourself useful? Something is only the truth until new information comes along to contradict it. To change a belief, you must first identify exactly what it is that’s working against you. “I’m too old to join a running club”, “It’s all downhill from here” etc. Then come up with a positive contradiction that will give you energy rather than drain you. “I’m 20 years younger than many marathon runners”, “I feel better than I did five years ago”. Write it down, repeat it at least five times a day, and start collecting evidence to support it. Even if it’s not completely true right now, keep thinking and acting as if it is. And whenever you catch yourself focusing on what you no longer want to think, switch your focus by asking: what could be a more helpful way of looking at this?

Become an optimist

Think of an area of your life that you tend to be optimistic about (work, relationships, friends etc). What results do you usually get in this area? Now think of an area where you tend to be pessimistic. What results do you usually get in this area? The simple fact is this: tell yourself something is easy to do and it probably will be. Now you can see how you create your own results, choose something about yourself you would like to feel better about - your health, your fitness, your weight - and switch your attitude towards it. For the next month, whenever you think about this, expect good things (“I’m never ill”, “I’m getting fitter every day”, “I look better in my clothes already”). When negative thoughts reappear, simply accept them and then quickly go back to your positive expectations. When you trust things will turn out well they very often do.

Act the age you want to be

So, here’s the challenge. Pick an age you want to be (it’s most realistic to reduce your chronological age by up to 10 years), and then begin thinking that age. Say “I only feel ...” five times a day. Dress more like you did then (unless your recent past includes PVC trousers!), update your make-up (see page 28-9), and ask your hairdresser to take ten year off you (see page 46-7). Act more childlike (see page 108-9) and do things you haven’t done (or allowed yourself to do) for years. What did you love doing 10 years ago? Clubbing? Festivals? Bowling? Camping? Live your new age for at least a month and see how you feel at the end.

Value yourself
A youthful body needs high quality fuel, so eat as many anti-ageing foods a day as possible, and avoid the ones that accelerate ageing (see page 64-7). If you find it difficult to treat your body with this level of respect you need to take another look at your unconscious beliefs. Why do you believe you don’t deserve the very best? Who are you still rebelling against? You now know how much your thoughts matter, so go back to Change your beliefs and come up with a positive switch. “I value myself enough to only eat food that keeps me young and healthy” is a good start. Acting like everything you do in your life matters really does makes a lasting difference on what you’re no longer prepared to do to yourself.

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