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Blissful Beauty

Published by Ryland, Peters & Small (out Feb 2007)
ISBN 184597400X Buy

Chapter 3
Refreshing midday

Soft Focus Walking

Slow down your thoughts and it’s surprising what insights can come into your head. A walk outside is the perfect way to clear the clutter. Switch to intuition mode and you could shift your perception too.
* Choose somewhere quiet (you might feel a little disorientated so stay clear of busy roads!) and pick a problem from your busy morning to mull over.
* As you walk, focus somewhere in the middle distance and allow your eyes to go soft as if you’re looking at one of those hidden images in 3-D pictures.
* Notice that at some point instead of you moving through the world, the world appears to be moving towards you.
* Keep your eyes defocused for as long as possible and allow your mind to wander. You may well be surprised where it goes...

Happiness hit list

Feeling good is not an accident. If you genuinely want to be happy you must focus on what will get you there. Spend your lunch hour writing a list of all the things you love doing. From talking with laugh-out-loud friends, to crying over an old film. To walking your dog along the river, to curling up on the sofa with a good book. Making a list forces you to take responsibility for your happiness, rather than just hoping good things will happen. Then put your list somewhere visible and promise yourself at least one love-life activity every day.

5 tricks to take the frown off your face

* Direct your mind to what’s good in your life by asking the right questions. What’s going well for me right now? What have I got to look forward to? It really is that easy to change your perspective.

* Your breathing changes with your mood, and luckily it works the other way round too. Breathing in a deep, relaxed way is the fastest way to dissolve a bad mood in minutes.

* Change your shoes at lunchtime (especially if you’ve been standing or walking all morning) and your whole body will feel refreshed. Or keep a foot roller in your drawer to massage away midday aches and pains.

* A power nap in the middle of the day will keep you going for the next six hours. You don’t even need to close your eyes (although do if you can). Just sit quietly, breathe slowly and think relaxing thoughts. Even five minutes of deep rest will set you up for the afternoon ahead.

* If your neck feels stiff, gently walk your thumb and fingers across the ball of your foot below your toes and then around the base of your big toe. For an aching back, slowly walk your thumb down the inner edge of your foot following the bones along the arch.

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