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Chapter 2

Revive, Liz WildeThink of eating natural foods as filling your body with four-star petrol. Thousands of years ago we ate small meals every few hours made up of food that was available close by. This gave us energy for hunting and gathering, and if you want to fight fatigue the same eating habits will work today. Now called ‘grazing’, small regular meals of natural plant-based food will give you a smooth, long-lasting high coffee never can. For instant energising effects, take a tip from footballers and copy their half time habit of sucking on an orange. Need a one hit wonder? Avocado contains more energy and nutrients than any other fruit.

Don’t underestimate the energising effect of a feel-good fragrance (research shows 25% of people who lose their sense of small also lose their sex drive!). Traditionally scent was applied to neck and wrists as pulse points are warm so diffuse the smell more quickly. But for lasting results apply less but to more places, such as cleavage, backs of knees and insides of elbows. And don’t forget to scent your surroundings with essential oils for a mid-afternoon boost, or simply sniff the bottle. Energising oils include bergamot, peppermint, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus.

Start your day on a high with this simple wake-up strategy. Before you get out of bed ask yourself: “what is my one exciting thing for today?” That way you’ll know there’s at least one reason to rise and shine. Never enough time in the day? Then turn yourself into a morning person and fill those extra hours with self-care. Set your alarm for 7am (or before) and get out of bed however tired you feel. By the evening you’ll be ready for bed earlier than usual which will begin to reset your biological clock. Or do it gradually by setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier every 3-4 days. The change will be more gradual but your body will soon adjust.

Six Fast Energy Fixes

1 It takes extra energy to hold muscles tight, so do your body a favour by taking regular stretch breaks throughout the day.

2 Your lymphatic system works like a drain taking away all the rubbish from your body, but with no pump of its own you need to help get things moving. Exercise and massage will do it, but for the quickest fix turn your shower onto cold and stand under it for 10 seconds before turning the water back to warm. Repeat as many times as you can stand.

3 Breathing deeply expels 70% of the toxins in your body. Take a breath in that feels like it’s filling up your whole body right from your toes. Hold for a second and then let it all out (gently) through your nose. Or have a yawn - it’s your body’s natural way of getting more oxygen to your brain.

4 On your commute home don’t read or listen to music. Just be. Doing nothing is wonderfully energising as it gives your brain space to slow down and process the day. You don’t even need to find a solution. Just let thoughts pop in and out of your head and when your brain’s ready it will find the answer (the reason some of your best ideas occur in the bath!)

5 Arousal is a great energiser as all your senses are heightened (making it similar to the energy you’d feel before running a race). Flirting gives you a mini-charge too, or get your kicks by connecting with high-energy memories. Remember back to when you fell in love or landed your best-ever job. Relive it in your mind and those endorphins won’t be far behind.

6 Give yourself a quick facelift in the shower by pointing the shower head (don’t have the water pressure on too high) at your face for a few minutes. With the water on cool, close your eyes and work in large circles one way and then the other.

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