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About life coaching

"I now feel much more powerful in my own life. I've been able to achieve things with your help which I'm sure I would not have had success with otherwise. The net result has been an increase in my self confidence and a redefined and clear direction in my life."

"As a stranger, it's amazing how you were able to get to know me exactly and talk truthfully to me. The changes in my life have been so rewarding - and it's thanks to you."

"Your coaching has improved my life, not just for now but for the long term. I feel more relaxed, confident and in control, and really positive about who I am."

"I have never had anyone in my life that was so consistently supportive and positive. I find our phone calls inspirational and your words work like a balm."

"Life coaching has made me realise that there is real potential for change in my life. I now feel more focused on me than I ever have done before. Everything and anything seems achievable and I now get excited about the future."

"Your coaching helped me give up smoking in just three weeks. You made me realise how much I should value myself and crucially, you gave me the focus to think about what I was actually doing to myself. I now see myself as a non-smoker and have stopped counting the days since my last cigarette."

"Since coaching, I have felt more energetic and enthusiastic about life. It has given me a greater understanding of myself and how to view things positively, leading to less stress and worry. Having someone listen and explain things in a clear way has enabled me to release the pressure I've put myself under and has led to me making more positive lifestyle choices."

"Because of coaching I now have a great new job, a big increase in personal confidence and effectiveness, am clearer on where I want to be and what I want to do, have finished a poor relationship and much improved relationships within my family."

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